The Issues

Restoring Election Integrity

Our elections must be safe and secure. I will use the position of Attorney General to investigate election lawbreaking and hold wrongdoers accountable.

Stopping Violent Crime and Backing the Badge

I will stand shoulder to shoulder with law enforcement to reverse the rise in violent crime.

Standing with Parents

I will make sure that parents’ rights and freedoms to be involved in every aspect of their kids’ education are protected. I will fight back against illegal, racist curriculum and schools that don’t follow the law.

Fighting Biden Lawlessness and Mandates

I will join other Attorneys General from around the country in fighting illegal Biden mandates and lawlessness. President Biden must follow the law. And as Attorney General, I will fight to make sure he does.

Stopping Madison Bureaucrats

Madison bureaucrats are taking away our freedoms on a daily basis, and Josh Kaul is doing nothing to stop it. As Attorney General, I’ll rein in the liberal bureaucrats and return commonsense to Madison.

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