ICYMI: Hear Adam’s thoughts on bail reform and prioritizing public safety in the state budget

A couple weeks ago, Adam appeared on DrydenWire with Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald to discuss bail reform and prioritizing public safety in the next state budget, and I wanted to share the interview with you.

One of the topics they discussed in this interview was bail reform and the crisis Wisconsin has with prosecutors and judges letting violent criminals back out on the street. As your Attorney General, Adam will create an online matrix that provides Wisconsinites with information on what their DA’s are recommending and what their judges are deciding when it comes to bail. Adam’s “belief is that sunshine in government is the best disinfectant.” Click the video below to hear more.

Finally, they touched on what it’s going to take to restore law and order in our communities. Adam will use his experience from being in the Legislature and work with many of his former colleagues who still serve to pass a state budget that prioritizes public safety. “The number one priority in state government and local government has to be public safety” and the current administration has failed us in that aspect. Click the video below to hear more.

When Adam was in the Legislature, he fought for our shared common-sense, conservative values – and he’ll do the same as Attorney General.

Have a wonderful day!

Candee Arndt